About the Book

A failed marriage served as  a wake up call for Tyler D. Roy. Like so many other women, she contended with blame, guilt, self doubt,  and a sense of failure.  Her journey out of the marriage was painful and along the way, she is forced to face her own shortcomings, distortions, and contributions to the demise of the union. Tyler was faced with the harsh reality  that her marriage was broken but never succumbed to the idea that she herself was.   She refuted and set out to prove to herself and others the inaccuracy of the social misconception that a divorced woman is damaged goods. Tyler accepted the idea of being fairly bruised emotionally as a result of her divorce but refused to be broken by it.

Instead, Tyler found the strength that had always been inside her and used it to create a new life for herself. Ultimately, it would be worth it—for herself, her children, and those she chooses to love.  Now an experienced clinical therapist, Tyler’s message to others is simple: you teach people how to treat you. Loving someone can indeed be a wonderful experience, but never love anyone more than you love yourself.

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